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    In October 2007 I purchased my new GL1800 to replace my 1998 GL1500.  The local dealer and I reached a price agreement and the deal was finalized.  During the first 2-3 hundred miles I noticed a Wobble in the frontend (not a shimmy, but a bad wobble).  I returned to the dealer where I was told the forks were compressed during shipping to keep riding it and it will stop.  When the bike reached 1,000 miles I retuned to the dealer and stated it was still doing the same thing.  The dealer stated they all wobble and I was to play with tire pressure and rear air shock pressure.  They made some adjustments and raised the tire pressure (41psi) which is above Hondaís recommended rating as well as let the air out of the rear shock.  I could tell as soon as I left this made no difference.  I put another 1000 miles on the bike and the problem never went away.  I returned to the dealer and again was told that all GL1800ís do it, I requested some diagnostics or a front tire change and was told you have almost 3k miles on the bike we arenít going to replace the tire.  (Boy was I mad)Ö  I was told of a company (Traxxion) that deals in GL1800 suspension issues and was advised to give them a call. 

Using email I hooked up with Max at Traxxion and was told they would be at Wing Ding 2008 and they assured me the wobble would be gone after they were done with it.  I scheduled an appointment on Thursday AM July 3rd at 0900.  They were on time and had a full suspension kit installed (shocks, springs, fork brace, and rear shock) in just about 2 1/2 hours.  Max personally took the bike for a spin and noted it was much better, but still not up to his standards.  For the next several hours including Friday the 4th, Max worked on the front end of the bike looking for that 100% ride improvement.  On Friday evening after swapping rear and front tires with his personal bike it was learned the front tire was defective.  As luck would have it Baytown was installing tires at Wing Ding.  I carried my front tire to them and had a new front tire installed (I paid for it).  Max remounted the wheel to the bike and gave it another test ride.  When he returned the news was not good.  The bike rode like the front tire was flat (10 lbs or less), we again checked tire pressure and it was at 38psi.  So we determined the new tire was bad, but in a different way rode like it was flat, but no wobble.  Max and I went to Baytown to get the tire exchanged and they refused unless the Dunlop reps outside would approve it.  So Max and I went to the Dunlop trailer and spoke with several folks.  I wonít go into all the details but after almost an hour of listening of how Dunlop was tired of the poor handling of the GL1800 always being blamed on the tires, I finally asked are you going to swap the tire or not, because I am done talking about it.  Dunlop reluctantly agreed to swap the tire.  I went back inside to Baytown and gave them the paperwork / OK to exchange the tire.  I then took the new tire back to Traxxion where Max mounted it on the bike and went for a test ride.  When he came back there were shouts of joy and a smile from ear to ear.  I hopped on the bike and I can tell you it rides like itís on a rail.  There is NO wobble, shutter, or sponginessí.  The bike is as solid as a rock.  Max did all this with just the standard purchase price of the components and during other suspension upgrades.  For 3 days Max and Traxion worked to get my ride 100% and they did not charge me one extra cent.  If you are looking to get your GL1800 tuned up in the suspension department there is no better place to go than Traxxion.

BTW: I am still trying to get the local dealer to pay for the new tire, but no luck yet.


Areas worked:


Front end Forks (full kit)


Rear end Shock (replaced)


One factory installed Dunlop tire defective


One off the shelf new Dunlop tire defective


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GL1800 Frontend Wobble Before (note this is a video; I would right click this link and select "save target as" and save to your desktop before viewing.  I will take about 3-4 min. to load.)

GL1800 Frontend Wobble After  (note this is a video; I would right click this link and select "save target as" and save to your desktop before viewing.  I will take about 3-4 min. to load.)