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2008 GL1800 Black

PN GL18HPN (Heat, Audio, and Navigation)

Purchased new October 2007 from Ft. Walton Honda, FL

Current Mileage = 92618

Asking 12,000.00



         PIAA driving lights under front nose, with Honda Factory on/off switch

         Kennedy Cell Set for making and taking phone calls through the GPS

         ZUMO 665 Mount with extended XM Cable to trunk area (GPS NOT INCLUDED)

         ZUMO 550 Mount (GPS NOT INCLUDED)

         All mounts are Lockable RAM and can be customized (Keys in right faring pocket)

         Headlight modulator

         Lower Front fender amber lights works as running and turn signals

         Kickstand pad

         Cobra Mufflers with orange tips (Original Mufflers included)

         Chrome lower front cowling (Original included)

         Black Power coated front timing chain cover

         Black Power coated Valve covers

         Heated jacket port for passenger mounted by passenger communication plug

         Heated jacket port for rider in lower left shelter by the vent

         BikeMP3 CB radio with antenna

         Battery Tender charging port routed to lower left crash bar

         Black Honda Factory Wing with break light / with modulator

         TC3 3 LED break light flashed in place of rear factor reflector

         Trunk lights turn signal option installed (trunk and saddlebag lights blink as turn signals)

         Black Power coated Luggage Rack with Flag mounting pads

         Biker Built upper and lower wind deflectors (Smoke)

         Traxxion suspension front and back (~10K ago front forks rebuilt with new seals by Traxxion)

         Traxxion front fork brace

         Chrome Boomerang covers

         Passenger audio controls on right side of bike by seat handle

         NAVI Timer (keeps power to the Honda Navigation for up to an hour after Key is turned off)

         Aux power ports in trunk and front left faring

         Utopia back rest with pouch

         2008 Factory Honda Service manual

         2008 Factory Electrical Troubleshooting manual

         J&M MP3 adapter for MP3ís that play as the CD

         Wing Bling front dash and rear speaker area

         Honda factory chrome heated grips (original included)

         3 Switch panel on clutch reservoir for additional light options (one switch works the Cell phone mic)

         Speed bleeders on all break calipers an on the clutch caliper

         Magnetic oil drain plug and the rear end drain plug

         Belly Pan

         Centramatic wheel balancers on the front and rear tires

         2 Chrome helmet hangers

         XM Satellite bracket behind passenger seat next to the luggage rack

         Bush Tec trailer hitch with wiring kit for a UNI-GO trailer

         Detailed maintenance records using MS Excel

         All Oils are Synthetic since the 2nd required change and beyond (included rear end)

         Rear end fluid changed every other oil change

         All the break and clutch fluids are Synthetic

         2 keys and 2 key fobs programed to this bike

         Battery Bug mounted to right handlebar

         Short Key to open Fuel door and faring pocket

         New Honda Factory windshield with vent

         Chrome master cylinder covers

         Honda Factory books and Factory Tool Kit

         Paperwork and installation directions for most all options


For a test ride you must have a current / valid Drivers License with endorsement and current insurance card





Rear Lights.MTS

 Maintenance Record




Code 3 Supervisor LED Interior Stealth Lighting System,
Optix & LED X Model SV-133 Fits Crown Vicís 2003-2006
However I have one installed in my 2000 CV.

Manufactures Website click here


Item# SV133
Because stealth is critical in law enforcement, Code 3 brings you the Supervisor L.E.D. Interior Stealth Lighting System. Includes 4 Code 3 Optix modules, 2 L.E.D. X modules and takedown lights.
Features and Specifications:
Virtually invisible until you turn it on
Looks like part of the vehicle.
Each head provides independent flash patterns
Takedown lights for additional scene lighting.
Can be wired to an external flasher to flash the takedown lights.
Optix and L.E.D. X L.E.D. technology
L.E.D. modules are low amperage and available in directional or wide optics
Five-year manufacturer's warranty on L.E.D.s; two years on all other components
No drilling required for mounting
You will need a switch to activate the lights and one for the Take Downs
Fits Ford Crown Vicís, 2003-2006
Color combination:
Wide Optic, Red/Blue
List price on the Web $1,259.99
My Price $550.00 each + Shipping from Zip 32578
(I have 3 to sale)
Email for more info



Click here for Front View Movie Daytime (~10mb)

Click here for Rear View Movie Daytime (~10mb)

Nighttime movie 1 (~10mb)

Nighttime movie 2 (~10mb)

Both are taken during the Middle of the day and in full Sun, I hope to upload night time shots later.


For questions or Information send mail to